Sacred Heart

Stop the flow of your words
Open the window of your heart and
Let the spirit speak
— Rumi

As an artist, I have a great interest in symbology. Lately I’ve felt drawn to the catholic symbol of the sacred heart. A symbol of great self sacrifice and unconditional divine love for all beings.


Being raised catholic, I never really felt a spiritual connection to the church or it’s teachings but there are some things that have stayed with me. The worship of Mary, the beautiful shrines and stained glass, the incense, rituals and witchy undertones that still exist if you know where to look.

Being February, the season of love, I was inspired to make this felt sacred heart sachet. Filled with a blend of dried lavender, rose petals and infused with rose quartz, this craft project became quickly became my own love spell stitched with heart opening intentions.

Gem Essence by  Moon Nectar Apothecary

Gem Essence by Moon Nectar Apothecary