Camp Smartypants

Camp Smartypants

Logo & Branding

Design Strategy: To create a playful, hand-drawn logo inspired by 1960's lettering. I wanted the overall look and feel to reflect the colorful, playful nature of the brand's story and to compliment my line of handmade products.

About The Company: Camp Smartypants was my first small business and Etsy shop featuring a line of colorful art, greeting cards and handmade goods inspired by childhood memories of summer camp adventures. Open 2009-2014.

Blog Header

Camp Smartypants Blog Header

Original Art

Through creating original artwork for the Camp Smartypants brand my signature retro-inspired art style was born.
Combining watercolor and ink textures with bold lettering, bright florals and happy themes.

Illustrated Greeting Cards

I also created a line of handmade greeting cards for the Camp Smartypants brand. A small selection of my bestselling designs are still available in my online shop.

Handmade Accessories

Inspired by childhood memories of summer camp adventures.