Materia Medica

My interest and passion for herbs and natural healing began in 2014 at a time when I was struggling with mysterious chronic pain and looking for alternative ways to heal myself. During that time, I started working at a local apothecary where I continued to study herbs and learned to make my own natural skincare products. I also started my first backyard herb garden, which inspired me to deepen my understanding and relationship to plants and the healing benefits they offer. Combining my love of art journaling, collage, writing and illustration, I began making a personal book chronicling my own research, recipes and explorations, known among herbalists to be named a Materia Medica.

What is a Materia Medica?

Materia Medica comes from Latin and literally means “healing materials". More specifically, a materia medica is a body of knowledge that describes how plants have been used therapeutically throughout the ages. Building a personal Materia Medica is essential for herbalist students because it can be used as a personal learning tool. The student's materia medica is a cross between an herbal journal and a study aid, and grows slowly as each herb is studied in-depth.