Molly Muriel

Packaging Design, Brochure Design & PRODUCT Photography

Design Strategy: To create product packaging for Molly Muriel's expanding line of infusion bath soaks, pure essential oils, herbal baby oil and dog shampoo, while staying true to the quality and aesthetic of the brand, originally created by Relevant Studios.

I also photographed, designed and wrote copy for the Molly Muriel wholesale brochure and photographed the product line for use on the website and social media.

About The Company: Molly Muriel is a line of all natural and cruelty free products for the home, bath and body. Created with a vision of integrity and environmental consciousness, Molly Muriel uses no synthetic perfumes or fragrance oils, only pure essential oils for scent. All soaps are colored with plant botanicals and/or clays, with no un-natural food colorings or pigments.

Wholesale Brochure

Product Photography & Packaging Design