I’m an intuitive, deep feeler made of magic, mystery and creativity. My personal work is inspired by the beauty of nature, the elements and seasons. I am a student of esoteric and occult teachings including magic, astrology and tarot. My practice centers around learning, personal healing, and living in service to the earth.

Through years of self study and practice, I created a zodiac series of functional art for working with the astrological wheel and archetypes of the zodiac. I also work with plants and aromatherapy to create my magical line of candles and sprays.

The focus of my professional work is in custom illustration, graphic design and craft writing. I’m best known for my colorful, groovy illustration style which is most notable in my work with produce company, Hippie Organics. I’ve also published two craft books, Felt Decorations with Arcturus Publishing and Create Your Own Candles with Hinkler Books.


Custom illustration, product and package design, logo design and branding, art commissions, art exhibitions, select art licensing, product photography, craft writing and teaching.


Rachel Beyer received her BFA in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Seattle and went on to illustrate and design for home decor, gift, paper, publishing and produce sectors in addition to working with small businesses for the last 12 years. Her creative work has graced products sold at large retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, K-Mart, Costco, and Whole Foods as well as small boutiques.